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mushroom club of georgia

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MCG July Meeting. Julie Beeler Mushroom Color Atlas: A Chromatic Universe of Fungi

July 6, 2022 @ 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm


Julie Beeler is a designer, artist and educator living at the base of a volcano in Trout Lake, WA. Growing up with a deep love and curiosity for the natural world, she conceived and launched Bloom & Dye along with the Mushroom Color Atlas to grow her work and passion to benefit what she values most: curiosity, education, creativity, collaboration, community, and the environment. For Julie, educating others on how plants, fungi and their colors reflect the beauty of nature is something she is moved to share as a way to inspire care, stewardship and impact. Her textile work is bound up in the landscape; every thread is infused with earthly energy as she gently simmers Mother Nature to unlock her colors. Drawing on cultural traditions and ancient natural dye histories, each textile object is a record of a place and time, reflecting our relationship to the natural world. For seven years she was on the faculty of Pacific Northwest College of Art and Oregon College of Art & Craft in Portland, and is a teacher at Wildcraft Studio School in Portland. When she is not out foraging you can find her tending to her flower farm, working in her art studio, or leading workshops.

Mushroom Color Atlas: A Chromatic Universe of Fungi

Enjoy a talk with Julie Beeler about her Mushroom Color Atlas and discover the stunning and diverse range of colors derived from the kaleidoscopic fungi kingdom. Hear about her process, learn how to forage and identify dye mushrooms and discover how to transform the color into dyes, pigments, paints and inks.


July 6, 2022
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm